Measuring a scheme

Producing useful and powerful measures of a graduate scheme is an important part of the job. Without a measure it is hard to move ahead and make strong business decisions.

We love measurement. When it comes to grad schemes we believe having a measurement process in place is essential to help you to identify any issues early, to justify the expenditure and to work out where to put your effort.

Measurement needs to happen at four levels

  • The business level. Is this scheme delivering what the business wants?
  • The process level. Is this scheme delivering what it is designed to do?
  • The graduate performance level. Do we know how well are our graduates performing?
  • The engagement level. Are our grads engaged and motivated?

  • The Graduate Effectiveness Model, GEM

    From our experience there is a need for a simple model which describes how to create an effective graduate scheme and which allows organisations to manage their resources more efficiently.
    This model needs to be useful both as a diagnostic tool and as a measurement framework.

    The Five key Components

    Objectives The clarity of objectives for the scheme, do people know what the scheme is there to achieve and how to measure success?

    Buy in Are all the Stakeholders for the scheme identified, do they understand the objectives and is there buy in at all levels?

    Recruitment Are you getting the right graduates onto the scheme? This includes attraction, selection, retention and diversity.

    Learning Is the quality and relevance of the learning experience up to scratch and relevant?

    Motivation Are the graduates motivated and engaged in the organisation, their careers and the people they work with?

    To find out more about this model please download the pdf below

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