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5 challenges to learning at work and how to overcome them

A follow on from the Top 10 strategies for learning at work this article looks at the challenges that we find people have

Ten things to know about how to learn at work

All people want to grow. From the recently promoted CEO who needs to change their style and learn new ways of getting things done to the new grad who wants to succeed fast. And to grow involves learning. It is in the context of work that most of our learning as adults takes place.
So it is worth looking at the 10 key aspects we know about how to make learning work

Tie your learning to real results that you can impact and measure the value of. It adds motivation

Recent Induction Presentation

A recent induction presentation focusing on

  • Transtions
  • New skills
  • Importance of learning and openess to change
  • Networking


Why there are no short cuts to Sustainable success

Whilst designing an induction for some new grads it got me thinking about two of the great business stories of the last decade - the rise of Apple to be the most valuable company in the world and the fall of the Banks. And the challenge of getting a group of bright new grads, just starting work to understand that there are no short cuts to Sustainable success.

What is the role of a Line Manager

Designing and running effective graduate schemes is hard to do. We know this because so many of them do not work well with high drop our rates and poor progression into critical roles. This is particularly true for schemes which are targeted at attracting and developing leaders.

Our experience shows that the most important aspect of developing a graduate is to have an engaged and capable line manager.

To run a great grad scheme you have to work with more than one management level.

What great creativity looks like

When organisations take on graduates they very often look for Creativity. New thinking. New understanding of digital tools. New ideas that challenge the status quo. However, when you ask a graduate they are not really sure what creativity actually means.

The magical law of thirds

Talking to clients there seems to be a rule of thumb for where their senior exec leadership team should come from.

A third should be bought in to the job at executive level, a third are previous experienced hires and a third should have started as graduates or equivalent.

The reason being the graduates carry the culture, the experienced hires bring in harder to train technical skills and the executives bring new leadership qualities.

This is an interesting way of thinking in terms of what it means for graduate numbers and why should some organisations be different.

What are the 5 things that make graduate performance assessment so difficult?

Assessing graduate performance is harder than people think. From our experience there are at least five factors that companies need to address.

Can we make an Ethical grad

The topic of ethics is becoming more and more important for businesses, politicians and people.
The fall out of the Financial crash has left people feeling let down and questioning the basic building blocks of the capitalist system. Even if the bankers did not break the law – did they act ethically. It certainly does not feel like it.