Goal Setting

Everyone knows that goals are an important tool in our personal life, in good management and for running a business. Goals come under different names – Targets, KPIs, Outcomes, Objectives to name a few. And they are used in all sorts of different contexts from coaching, to performance reviews, to planning, to sales. At every level of an organisation time spent improving the quality of goals and communicating them better helps to improve performance for people and teams. Good goals support and self generating cycle of success

Success cycle links the importance of setting goals to targeted action

Having a clear and well thought through set of goals that match the business needs helps you, your colleagues and a team perform better.

A quote from Peter Drucker, one of the best respected management thinkers of the last century, sums this up nicely. “Objectives are needed in every area where performance and results directly and vitally affect the survival and prosperity of the business. An objective, a goal, a target serves to determine what action to take today to obtain results tomorrow… Without them, management flies by the seat of its pants – without landmarks to steer by, without maps, and without having flown the route before” (Peter Drucker, The Practice of Management, 1955). And most excitingly goals work.