Advanced Skills Academies

We recognise that some clients are looking for training programmes rather than development journeys. To serve this need we have developed a series of Advanced Skills Academies which take a core area of learning, and takes it to the next level.

All of these courses expect the delegates to have sufficient experience to arrive with prepared real life issues

The areas we cover are

Advanced Presentation skills
A 3 to 5 day programme which develops the graduates’ presentation and performance skills. The programme looks at the aspects of personal style, voice, physical impact. Preparations and structure. Different contexts, stump speeches, sales pitches and driving change. We look at the use of visuals and explore the difference between the use of Powerpoint as a “Deck” and as a projected back drop.

Advanced Communication and influencing skills
If there is one theme that comes from working in depth with the people that manage graduates it is the need to develop influencing skills which go beyond the surface level and start to explore the multi level ambiguous world of reality. In this 2 or 3 day course we look at diagnosing the politics of action, the different languages of influence and creating strategies for change. This course looks at an organisation as a system of historical commitments and promises, internally and externally, and shows how to use this to your advantage.

Personal change and building habits for success
Many graduates get to the point where they know what they should be doing, they just don’t know how to create the personal change that will lead to ongoing success. This 2 day programme takes a deep dive into peoples thinking patterns and what is holding them back. We then build new strategies for how to generate alternatives that can work and how to lock them in. This is supported by 3 half hour telephone support sessions.

Managing Front line teams
Many graduates start off managing front line teams. These can be in retail, operations, customer service or manufacturing. What comes as a surprise to many grads is that these teams are not ambitious, if anything they are the opposite. They actively want things to stay the same, they see work as a means to an end and they are often Unionised. This 2 day course gives the delegates a tool kit for managing and delivering performance in these kinds of situations, concentrating on standards, process and engagement. It also covers HR law as applicable to this area.

Working across cultures
A 1 day exploration of what it takes to work effectively across cultures, what cultures mean and how to identify our blind spots. A comprehensive framework for exploring cultures is built up, before each delegate explores their own contexts and creates strategies around what next.