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The rules of designing a graduate programme based on PIXAR's 22 rules of storytelling

A few months ago Emma Coates of Pixar published a list of rules for telling great stories.

As creating great graduate schemes is a way of helping people tell the first chapter of their work story, here is my attempt at adapting those rules for the people designing those stories

The magical law of thirds

Talking to clients there seems to be a rule of thumb for where their senior exec leadership team should come from.

A third should be bought in to the job at executive level, a third are previous experienced hires and a third should have started as graduates or equivalent.

The reason being the graduates carry the culture, the experienced hires bring in harder to train technical skills and the executives bring new leadership qualities.

This is an interesting way of thinking in terms of what it means for graduate numbers and why should some organisations be different.

Our Thinking

Designing Programmes
We are pleased to be working with lots of great and innovative organisations. This has allowed us to develop a comprehensive body of thought on what it takes to make a successful graduate scheme.

Our not too surprising first outcome is that there is not a common answer to what a great scheme is. What works for a large multinational investment bank is unlikely to work for a small UK retailer and so on. The context of the organisation is the dominant factor.

What kind of grad scheme do you need?

Graduate employers come in all shapes and sizes. Often they are split by size, by location or industry type. All of which are important and relevant criteria. However, when it comes to designing a scheme, as opposed to an attraction campaign, we believe there is a different way.


Top Five Tips for A Great Grad Scheme

When designing a scheme we believe the following 5 factors are vital for success